Architectural Finishes

Limestone Finish™

Limestone Finish™, developed by Elite Concrete, offers the smooth and contemporary look of authentic limestone through the process of mixing and finishing concrete. The effects are stunning and the product is durable and virtually maintenance free. Our signature Limestone Finish™ is the cornerstone of our business and one of the reasons Elite has earned an international reputation for cutting edge design.

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Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate, is an architectural concrete finish accomplished by pouring then removing the top layer of concrete revealing the coarse natural stone adding natural beauty and texture as an alternative, unique finish suited for any environment or style and is a great compliment to Limestone Finish designs.


See our gallery for the countless ways we can transform your outdoor living space with these finishes, and more.

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"Every once in a while, a company comes along whose image on paper meets what they deliver in practice. In my case, they exceeded it. I am completely blown away by the job Elite recently completed for me. From the initial contact to execution, the team worked on time and on budget to build a simple, modern concrete patio ..." read more

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    Weed free and stain resistant

    No one likes to pull weeds and treat stains.

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    Permanent colour & texture

    No need to re-color or worry about a fading texture.

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    Hard wearing & weather resistant

    Come rain or shine, our concrete is built to last.

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    Low maintenance

    Spend time living life, not worrying about your hardscape.

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